You and your spouse are cruising down the highway. Looking at the sights of life. For some of us it is a short trip, and for others it is a lengthy ride. For some it is a bumpy road, and for others it is smooth. For some it is full of curves at a leisurely pace and for others it is fast and furious.

At some point, right there in the middle of the road, your car comes to a complete stop. Traffic keeps whizzing by, but your car is suddenly, indescribably motionless in an instant… and your co-pilot is gone.

Cars continue flying past. Some other drivers wave. Some give you the finger as you hold up traffic. And only very, very rarely does someone stop to help you out. Unfortunately those people speak a foreign language.

As if in an episode from the twilight zone, your car starts moving backward. Other drivers get really frustrated with you. Some want you to get off the road as soon as possible. You are helplessly moving against the flow of traffic. Your car is in reverse, and you are completely alone. You are surrounded by people. Some of them you have known forever. You see them. They see you. But you remain isolated somehow.

Eventually, you move backward past an exit ramp, and your car comes to a stop. You sit there with your four way flashers on. You are on the shoulder of the road, so people are not so frustrated with you. They can pass by unencumbered. You get the occasional wave, but no more middle fingers. You are calm now and feel out of danger.

Then, it occurs to you. That exit you passed is now in front of you. You can put your car in gear, and take the exit, or you can put it in reverse and go against the flow of traffic again. Or… you can sit on the shoulder of the road.

No, that exit was not part of your original plan. It was not your planned destination. But you won’t know where it takes you unless you put the car in gear and take a chance.

Remember. You are the driver now.