Another vivid memory…

I recall at the exact time of my wife’s death, going to the nurses station at the hospital and having them ask me what funeral home I wanted to use.

Even though I knew she was going to die, and had actually made the decision to end life support, it really had not occured to me that there would need to be a funeral. It was not until they asked what funeral home I wanted to use that it even entered my mind. And it was a REALLY hard question.

So, when something like this happens, how they hell do you decide? I didn’t have a coupon or anything. I doubt if any of them offered a AAA discount. At 30 years old I did not have good or bad experiences with any particular funeral home. I had never paid any attention to commercials for funeral homes. I mean, c’mon, how do you choose?

From somewhere deep inside some cavity or another in my body, I came up with the name of a funeral home I often passed on the way to and from work. And that was that.

I think funeral homes should conduct open houses from time to time. Invite people in, let them see what it is like. You know, call it a public service. This would allow them to make better decisions in the fraction of an instant while the body is getting cold.

Wow. Was that morbid or what?