Free promotion is over

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Loss Of An Angel – Kindle Edition was a free download for five days. Nearly 400 downloads during that time! I hope the book is helpful on some level to all of you.

Loss Of An Angel FREE for a short time!

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For the next few days, I am offering my first book for FREE on the Amazon Kindle platform.

Where to spend it all

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I got my first check for book sales today. Now I know what Steven King feels like every fraction of a second.

Happy Birthday Melanie

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Today would have been your 40th birthday. I guess you dodged that bullet… didn’t ya?

Road Trip

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You and your spouse are cruising down the highway. Looking at the sights of life. For some of us it is a short trip, and for others it is a lengthy ride. For some it is a bumpy road, and for others it is smooth. For some it is full of curves at a leisurely pace and for others it is fast and furious.

At some point, right there in the middle of the road, your car comes to a complete stop. Traffic keeps whizzing by, but your car is suddenly, indescribably motionless in an instant… and your co-pilot is gone.

Cars continue flying past. Some other drivers wave. Some give you the finger as you hold up traffic. And only very, very rarely does someone stop to help you out. Unfortunately those people speak a foreign language.

As if in an episode from the twilight zone, your car starts moving backward. Other drivers get really frustrated with you. Some want you to get off the road as soon as possible. You are helplessly moving against the flow of traffic. Your car is in reverse, and you are completely alone. You are surrounded by people. Some of them you have known forever. You see them. They see you. But you remain isolated somehow.

Eventually, you move backward past an exit ramp, and your car comes to a stop. You sit there with your four way flashers on. You are on the shoulder of the road, so people are not so frustrated with you. They can pass by unencumbered. You get the occasional wave, but no more middle fingers. You are calm now and feel out of danger.

Then, it occurs to you. That exit you passed is now in front of you. You can put your car in gear, and take the exit, or you can put it in reverse and go against the flow of traffic again. Or… you can sit on the shoulder of the road.

No, that exit was not part of your original plan. It was not your planned destination. But you won’t know where it takes you unless you put the car in gear and take a chance.

Remember. You are the driver now.

Cure The Disease

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Through the marvels of modern medicine, we as a society are continuously finding new ailments, diseases, conditions and illnesses. We put a name on them. We spend tons of money on treatment, medications, drug research. But every once in a while there comes a condition that is completely resistent to traditional treatments.

It is a nasty disease. It starts by taking hold of the emotions and thought process of the patient. Eventually it completely overwhelms, and paralyzes the brain, preventing things like optimism and patience. It is debilitating.

I am talking about… “Attitude Cancer”.

I, personally, came down with this disease immediately after the death of my wife. I sought treatment, but since I did not understand it myself, it was difficult to describe it to others. Of course, I did not want to explain it. I did not want to get rid of it. As a matter of fact, I wanted to infect as many other people as possible, as quickly as I could. I figured, if I could not be happy, then why the hell should anyone else be happy?

Eventually I made the conscious decision that I was not going to allow my life to deteriorate any further. I would not allow Attitude Cancer to claim me as a victim. I simply was not going to take it anymore, nor was I going to allow those around me to contract the disease.

I self-prescribed the following:

I am not going to look backward and wish for what once used to be.

I am not going to waste time on regret.

I am not going to compare my current life to my past life.

I am not going to be angry at those who don’t understand.

This is MY life. It is up to ME. I will NOT allow Attitude Cancer to claim me.

Hurry up! The body is getting cold!

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Another vivid memory…

I recall at the exact time of my wife’s death, going to the nurses station at the hospital and having them ask me what funeral home I wanted to use.

Even though I knew she was going to die, and had actually made the decision to end life support, it really had not occured to me that there would need to be a funeral. It was not until they asked what funeral home I wanted to use that it even entered my mind. And it was a REALLY hard question.

So, when something like this happens, how they hell do you decide? I didn’t have a coupon or anything. I doubt if any of them offered a AAA discount. At 30 years old I did not have good or bad experiences with any particular funeral home. I had never paid any attention to commercials for funeral homes. I mean, c’mon, how do you choose?

From somewhere deep inside some cavity or another in my body, I came up with the name of a funeral home I often passed on the way to and from work. And that was that.

I think funeral homes should conduct open houses from time to time. Invite people in, let them see what it is like. You know, call it a public service. This would allow them to make better decisions in the fraction of an instant while the body is getting cold.

Wow. Was that morbid or what?

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